My Birthday Wish: Heal the world

22nd of March 2016
Today is my 35th birthday and I had pictured it totally different.

I didn’t want any presents, I didn’t want a party, I just wanted some time off, some rest,… and had decided to go to the Belgian Coast for a few days…to enjoy the fresh air, have a nice walk and quality time with my precious Hayden after the tough year we’ve had (health wise).


My biggest birthday wish was for him to be healthy again, and me of course as well.  I’m not always showing or saying it but I am still suffering from a lot of pain and I am physically very limited since my bike accident last summer…but as the word ‘weakness‘ is not written in my dictionary, I always keep going, keep smiling (except for when I’m alone). But during the past few weeks, the pain has been tremendous.

So after my doctor’s visit yesterday, she urged me to go to the chiropractor and she was able to fix an appointment at the hospital to see a physiotherapist specialized in shoulder/neck/back pains.  A very exceptional quick appointment she was able to fix…of course…today on my birthday.  Well, my plan to go away for a few days went out of the window…but my health is a priority. I have to admit, I was bummed, but decided to make the best of it and started yesterday with coffee & cake, the movies and pre-birthday drinks.

Change of plans is sometimes hard for me to accept, especially when it comes down to traveling, because I always, always travel for my birthday and usually abroad.  I have celebrated my birthday in NYC, Vienna, Copenhagen, …because I love to travel…so I was a bit disappointed. But then you wake up with a phonecall from your sister who says “have you seen the news?” And then I realized I was lucky this change of plans happened and that I wasn’t traveling.  Everything always happens for a reason!

But what in heaven’s name, is the reason for these attacks?  Why on earth do people need to be so aggressive and hateful?! And it’s coming closer and closer.  It is taking away everyone’s freedom, because this creates fear to even leave your house or go to crowded locations, such as the airport…a place that to me is equal to happiness, freedom & exploring the world.

Marzia, one of our best friends, works at Brussels airport and we are so happy she is safe…but oh my … she is still in shock. I feel for her!
And then you start realizing, you know so many people in Brussels and you pray that they are safe, but your heart also goes out to all the innocent people who you don’t know but had to experience this awful morning, whom got hurt, whom might have lost a loved-one.

I am very thankful today for every beautiful birthday message I received and even more thankful for every notification on Facebook of friends who are marked safe in Brussels.

So many mixed feelings… So sad about everything that is happening while there is still so many good and beautiful things in our world.


So today, I am still going to spend quality time with my loved-ones, go for a walk, have some cake, go to the hospital for my appointment that I wasn’t looking forward to but thankful I am alive to do so.
“Carpe Diem, seize the day, because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow & please do not live in fear, it doesn’t take you anywhere”

My birthday wish: heal the world in every possible way: peace, health & happiness

Call me naive, but I truly want #worldpeace!





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