Palmira And The City

Let’s meet!

Who am I? Sometimes I wonder myself ;-)…and my conclusions are:

I am Palmira. Storyteller & in love with Life, Fashion, Make Up, Travel and my doggie Hayden.
I do what I love & love what I do!

What is it that I do? I just follow my heart and do things with passion!
From my freelance jobs as Stylist & Make Up Artist, to running Blush Academy & Agency with my fantastic business partner & true friend Caroline.
From acting like teenagers with my best friends (and I am very lucky to have many of them precious jewels), to just having a coffee and chitchat or enjoying a walk in the park.
From meeting new people and just be friends, to having a head-over-heels crush šŸ˜‰
And let’s not forget the most important moments, with my beautiful sister & lovely parents, whom I owe my life to!


I am a very lucky & happy person who has already had many great experiences and opportunities in life through international jobs, tv work, my social life, my work as Stylist & Make Up Artist. Grateful that I am surrounded by the most wonderful family & friends.

I have my own language: speak & write Neglish (mix of Nederlands with English).
I sometimes live in my own little world, but it is so fun there!
And yes…I can be a social media & selfie addict but it’s so much fun and I love to share!

Through this blog, I would love to share some of my stories. Life can be inspiring so it will be more than just make-up en fashion topics. And I am always intrigued to be inspired & to inspire others to possibly make them happier.
My biggest inspiration? Sex And The City! From day 1, their lifestyle in NYC, experiences, personalities, girlstalk, clothes & shoes, humor, … so I had no doubt about the name of my blog!

Oh yeah, and what more can I say, I am Italian/Spanish, 34, single, love living in Hasselt city but wouldn’t mind moving to a bigger city in the USA, I have a sarcastic humor, never in a harming way because all I want is to make people smile…because a smile is the best thing there is. Even when it is by telling jokes about myself šŸ˜‰

Hope to make you smile by sharing my thoughts & experiences!




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